Keep Customers Informed

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Tell Members about Your News, Offers & Deals (NODs)


Post your latest News, Offers and Deals on i-piggy’s ‘NODs’ service and members in your town will be the first to see them via their i-piggy App or the i-piggy website. So, if it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you have stock to clear at half price or opening a popup shop tomorrow,  simply post your news or offer to i-piggy’s NOD channel. The most recent posts will appear first under i-piggy’s ‘Latest Offers’ display.

Staying in Touch with Customers

Looking after existing customers and maintaining contact with them can be a lot more productive and easier than finding new ones so Use i-piggy to tell members about your forthcoming offers, events and announcements. i-piggy helps you build and maintain those all important customer relationships.

acquisition-vs-retentionThrough the giving and collecting of i-piggy points, partner-to-customer relationships are formed and remembered by i-piggy. We provide partners with facilities to reach members who have transacted with you as well – as others in your area who are potential customers. You can update i-piggy members with offers and events in your business and so encourage first and return visits. Using i-piggy ‘StatsPack’ tools enables you to analyse i-piggy data in your area e.g. where your customers come from, frequency of visits and changes over time etc. – smart information that can help you run your business more effectively.

…But not everyone has a smartphone or is glued to the web?

Don’t worry, we have solutions for the traditional ‘unplugged’ shoppers on the High Street too!

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