About us

i-piggy is an ambitious start up company based in Leominster, Herefordshire. Formed in 2013  to bring to market an innovative Rewards and Communications platform designed for two specific objectives:

  • Help Town Centre based Independent Retailers and SMEs overcome the great challenges they face from the destructive marketing power of web-based ‘etailers’, edge-of-town retail parks and superstores.
  • Create a revenue stream for children’s savings and help educate them about money and matters finance

In these austere times, ‘savvy’ customers are increasingly using internet and out-of-town retailers for convenience and cost savings. This is partly driven by major retailers and web-based suppliers who have the technology and resources to exploit electronic channels to attract, retain and sell to customers. This sophisticated ‘high energy’ marketing is beyond the reach of most, more traditional, small businesses who have neither the budget or tools to match their more aggressively competitive rivals.

To help redress the balance for  town and community based businesses, i-piggy.com is using its advanced development techniques and ultra-low operating costs to deliver a simple-to-use, affordable service that integrates customer incentives and advanced communications technology. Importantly, because of the diverse nature of smaller businesses (Partners) and their customers (Members), we are creating a smart combination of leading edge cloud and mobile technologies together with tried and tested methods and local coordination – to help put the smile back on the faces businesses and their customers.


  • Help reinvigorate Town Centre commerce by giving Independent Retailers and SMEs the best marketing methods and technology available
  • Provide a service that even the smallest business can use and afford
  • Ensure businesses News, offers and deals (NODs) are effectively communicated to the local community and further afield
  • Reward customers with points they can save, redeem or spend locally
  • Use profit sharing to enhance donations for Childrens’ savings, Charities & local Community Projects


Peter Domanski, i-piggy’s MD