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Reach Savvy Customers with i-piggy’s News, Offers & Deals (NODs) Local Mobile Marketing Channel

NODsAppWe all know that consumer spending patterns have changed and it’s much harder to attract customers into town. It’s not easy to get their attention – frustrating especially if you have the products, services and prices that customers want. This is where i-piggy’s new service comes in, created specifically to reach and attract increasingly savvy customers, we have developed a combination of compelling incentives and smart methods to communicate your latest offers and deals. i-piggy gives you ‘light touch’ and very affordable methods, including mobile marketing and micromarketing techniques to compete with your biggest rivals – the major on-line retailers and out-of-town retailers.

  • Give i-piggy reward points by the method that best suits your business
  • Post your News, Offers &  Deals (NODs) for instant view by Members
  • Accept i-piggy points as alternative payment (optional)
  • Set points offers to meet your specific commercial objectives
  • i-piggy stats & analytics to review & help plan offers and promotions
  • Participate in town co-promotions to encourage Town Centre footfall
  • Opportunities to earn Commission
  • Both b2c and b2b benefits for your business
  • For any sized business – shops, market stalls, restaurants, services

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Would an eshop help your business?

It’s very simple to create a sophisticated eshop (ecommerce store) to compliment your existing business – if you know how! We can help you create a eshop, say for “click & collect”, quickly and at very low initial and monthly costs. A simple example is the Coldwell Farm shop at

Q. Why Consider i-piggy?      A. The Competition: it’s getting tougher

supermarketsOut-of-town superstores, retail parks and on-line traders continue to take an increasing share of finite customer spend. The major chains are highly competitive amongst themselves and employ a range of sophisticated and well funded marketing tools to attract and retain customers – including loyalty and reward programmes.

Rewards cards (and mobile equivalents) are very popular with customers, particularly now in these austere times when for many, regular savings are not possible. Points collected are later exchanged as credits for extra goods or services. For retailers, loyalty schemes are doubly useful as the data collected is a valuable resource for analysis and planning BUT, more significantly, customer contact details are used as a channel for marketing promotions.

i-piggy, Rewards Points designed specifically for Independent Retailers and SMEs

i-piggy’s advances in technology and smart methods mean that even the smallest outlets (e.g. market stalls) can now benefit from the same techniques so successfully employed by big retailers and on-line stores. We can’t turn the clock back, but we can help level the technology playing field and play to the strengths of the High Street. We provide vital tools for Rewarding customers, building more valuable Relationships and increasing market Responsiveness. And, although it is a national programme, it has been carefully designed to promote loyalty at a local level – where you need it. By becoming an i-piggy partner in a town-based scheme, you gain access to the i-piggy membership in your area as well as those from further afield.

i-piggy’s key objectives for partners (retailers and SMEs) include:

  • Increase the ability to retain customers and attract new ones
  • Incentivise customers to increase their spend
  • Help encourage the most valued customers   
  • Increase ability to respond to competitive pressures
  • Create a communication channel that is instant & effective
  • Channel nationally earned points into local cash tills

In short, i-piggy works both at individual partner level and collectively, as increasing any footfall benefits all.

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