Geographical Coverage

Be Part of a Town Scheme

i-piggy is organised by towns and other defined ‘local’ geographic areas, referred to as Town Schemes. Being an i-piggy Partner generally means you would join your local Town Scheme. If however, there is no locally established scheme for you to join, you can still benefit from becoming an i-piggy partner although locally coordinated promotions would not yet be available.

Scheme Management (ISMs)

Schemes are managed by ISMs (i-piggy Scheme Managers) appointed by i-piggy. The local ISM is the main point of contact and source of help, advice and i-piggy materials supply. It’s the ISM’s job to co-ordinate the scheme and encourage partners to work together – E.g. if Monday is your town’s quietest day, why not get partners to offer “double points Mondays” (…and get the Council to waive its parking charges for i-piggy members). ISMs have their own budget and can set group promotions such as “Spend £50 or more in at least 5 shops in town and earn 150 extra points”.

If there is no scheme established yet in your town, you may like to consider becoming the ISM for your area – and earn commission.

Working with other Partners

There is no obligation for partners to co-ordinate with other partners in your scheme – some of whom may be competitors; however, as your biggest threat to trade comes from out-of-town superstores and national on-line traders, it is in the best interest of partners to work together to bring extra footfall into your town – for mutual benefit. It is the ISM’s role to help Partners and the town, to make the most out of i-piggy’s facilities.