Extra Benefits

i-piggy works B2B as well as B2C

i-piggy is primarily for ‘B2C’ i.e. a business gives points to consumers on presentation of a member loyalty card (or card number for on-line purchases), but, as a business partner, you are also likely to purchase supplies from other i-piggy partners (B2B). If you prefer to collect your points into your business rather than as a member, just present your i-piggy partner card at the checkout and points earned will be credited to your business’ pool instead – and can be redistributed to your own customers.

Accept i-piggy points for payment

Optionally accept i-piggy points from members as payment for goods and services – transactions are fully receipted (for your accounts) and the points transferred to your ‘Partner points pool’. You can either re-use them to give out to other customers or you can redeem the surplus for cash from i-piggy. i-piggy points represent an additional source of customer cash only available for payment use for i-piggy partners. Payment by points can only be accepted for the full transaction amount (not part payment) and you can set the minimum and maximum transaction amounts that you wish to accept.

i-piggy Low cost Chip & Pin Terminals

If you are just setting out and need card transaction equipment or think that you are paying too much rental and transaction charges for your existing service, call us as we offer highly competitive rates for our i-piggy fixed and portable card payment terminals.

Other Benefits

We have the advantage of collective scale to negotiate exclusive trade discounts on goods and services. We are continuously developing links and resources to help your business.

Note: i-piggy operates profit sharing with members and partners and it is our policy to selectively benefit children, young people, charities and communities. The ISM in your Town scheme may arrange to sponsor local charities and good causes that will benefit from publicity through i-piggy.