Promoting Loyalty to Your Town

We are now taking enquiries from towns and town-based entrepreneurs considering using i-piggy to boost business in town and promote local loyalty.

Opportunity for Town Sponsorship

As part of our launch programme we will be running up to 3 pilot schemes sponsored directly by us. This is an opportunity for the chosen pilot towns to benefit from funding from i-piggy to set up a town-wide scheme to increase town footfall and the publicity that this will create.

i-piggy has experienced loyalty programme managers to assist in setting up a town scheme and configuring it to create the most benefit for all concerned. Once set up, we would expect the scheme to be managed locally by an i-piggy scheme manager (ISM). The local ISM will receive some remuneration through commission which may be returned into the scheme if managed by a community representative.

Affiliation with i-piggy

If your town already has an initiative running to promote local businesses but lacks the loyalty and marketing features that really make the difference, it is possible to affiliate with i-piggy who can provide the service and technology needed. The existing proposition then becomes much more attractive for both local businesses and their customers; affiliation will depend upon the compatibility of the current configuration and methods used.

For more details about using i-piggy in your town, please call us on 01568 613272