Extra Revenue for your Town


i-piggy pig small iconFirstly Extra trade is created in town centre shops and businesses from i-piggy members who are attracted by points rewards and offers available with partners in the town. And, of course, more footfall benefits everyone – even non-i-piggy partners.

i-piggy pig small icon

Secondly New revenues are created from members choosing to spend their points directly at partner retailers, which, they can only do in their registered ‘home’ town – irrespective of where the  points were earned.

Member points are gathered nationally – but spent locally to create a net inflow of business

Members can earn points on their i-piggy card from any i-piggy partner anywhere in the country – from whatever source: loyalty, incentive, gift, donation and on-line shopping points. However, they can only* spend their points with partners within their registered town scheme (the scheme name on the member card) – thereby bringing revenues to the town from external sources.

*Optionally. towns may form a group in which members from one town can spend their points in another one in the group. – e.g. a local ‘market town’ association.

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