Alternative to Local Currencies?

A number of towns have run their own town-based ‘currencies’ (e.g. Bristol, Stroud, Lewis, Brixton) to boost local trade and create a greater sense of community. This is done through the issue of token notes that can only be spent / exchanged within their area at outlets who agree to accept them. Whilst popular with many, not all traders in a town area will accept local notes, and most shoppers prefer ‘hard currency’ as the local pounds, being a ‘closed’ currency, are considered too restrictive to be universally adopted.

Spending Power Directed Locally

The i-piggy points method is a flexible, off-the-shelf alternative offering extra local economic benefit as i-piggy points are earned nationally as well as locally. By ensuring that members can ‘spend’ their points only within the town scheme to which they registered, local businesses can benefit from extra revenue drawn in from further afield – including from e-commerce.

Transparent and Accountable

Local authorities and other sponsors, are thus provided with an ‘off the shelf” means for running initiatives – including giving rewards points, sponsorship and incentives, in the knowledge that the benefits will be retained locally. Being electronic and easily convertible, both members and partners have greater assurance of their value, costs are low and security is managed through transactional traceability. Additionally, the flow of points and their conversion can be monitored and analysed through i-piggy statspacks.

Flexibility to Configure i-piggy Points Cards

Ordinarily, i-piggy members have the facility to use their points in several ways (e,g. donate to children for£ savings) but variants of the standard i-piggy points card can be configured to meet the particular requirements for your town and community.

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