Bonus £ for Kids & Charities

Extra £ for Children and Charities from i-piggy

bonuspigPoints you donate to junior and charity members will be boosted with annual bonus points from i-piggy’s profit sharing scheme. The bonus will depend on several factors including the performance of the i-piggy programme and the value of the donations made. Those who will receive bonus points include:

  • Children and Junior members (up to 18 years of age)
  • Approved Charity-based members
  • Members saving into a recognised Credit Union account

Additionally, i-piggy will actively support community initiatives, particularly help with education, training, apprenticeships and personal development.

Much more than just a loyalty scheme, i-piggy can help meet the changing needs of children and teenagers as they grow up. i-piggy not only helps you build long-term savings for all those expensive needs when they leave school, but also provides a safe and effective means of balancing every day spending with saving – teaching them how to budget and learn the basics of money management.